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Grow your wings and fly the sky with

Flight school croatia


Get your
Pilot's licence

We are a EU  flight school that provides aviation courses for gaining your private pilot licence (PPL).


You can earn your pilot's licence and enjoy flying above the most beautiful scenery in Europe, all in one shot. 

With the lower cost of training programs and the most beautiful scenery to fly over, our courses are one of the best deals you can get in Europe. 

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PPL school
pilot school Croatia
flight school croatia

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Meet our instructors and read more about our Flight School

flight school croatia
pilot school


We offer exceptional Theoretical Knowledge Course to get you started on your adventure of getting your Private Pilot Licence (PPL).

It is completely online. Study wherever, whenever using a PC, Mac or an Ipad. 


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Buy some
pilot equipment

Explore our web shop and get anything a pilot might need.

All our students get 30% off!

PPL croatia
Online PPL school
PPL school
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