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How to become a 

If you want to become a pilot and get your Private Pilot Licence PPL, first of all you need to be a healthy, responsible individual, at least 16 years of age and eager and ready to learn.

Your first step is enrolling on a Theory course, or Theoretical Knowledge Training course in which you will gain knowledge in all 9 PPL subjects.

This course will ensure that you have knowledge and understanding on how to plan and execute a flight safely, legally and within performance limits of both aircraft and pilot.

You can explore our Online Theoretical Knowledge Course by clicking the button bellow.

How to get PPL
Become a pilot PPL
How to become a pilot


After completing our Theory Course, you will have to take and pass official EASA exams in any EASA authority. You have 18 months to pass all of them.

You are not alone in this process. Our instructors will provide support during and after the Course to help you in every way possible.

When you finish your Theory exams, you are ready to proceed to the practical part of your training - the Flight Course.

Before starting your training you need to obtain a medical certificate Class 1 or 2. Just search for a AME (Aviation Medical Examiner) near you.

Your Flight Training Course consists of minimum 45 hours of flight time of which:

  • Minimum 25 hours dual time with instructor;

  • Minimum 10 hours solo flight time of which:

  • 5 hours of solo Cross-Country flight time and

  • 1 solo cross-country flight of no less than 150NM route including 2 full stop landings at 2 airports different than departure or destination airports.

You will need to finish your flight training within 24 months from the last Theoretical exam you passed.

Getting your  
PPL Licence

After completing 45h of Flight training, you are ready for your final flight skill test (check ride). 

If successful, you will receive a certificate and now you can get your PPL licence from your aviation authority.

Although you now have your licence, be aware of the level of your skills and experience, take extra caution when planning and executing a flight and fly as often as you can to stay current. 

You can fly more if you reduce your cost of flying by sharing your flights with other people on a flight-sharing platform such as this one.

Start your
Online PPL theory course

Why wait? You can start your ONLINE Theory training today! 

Study from anywhere, anytime!

Complete and detailed PPL Theory course with 150+ hours of study material, tests and LIVE online instructions with our experienced instructors.

Prices start from 899€ per student.

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