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Welcome to Flight School Croatia. Our school offers an exceptional  Theoretical Knowledge Course to get you started on your path to a Private Pilot Licence. Next step is starting your Practical Training.

Flight School Croatia will get you the best solution for your needs. We will give you all of the available options, prices and other relevant information about our partnering flight schools to get you the best flight training option that meets your needs.

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To start your practical training, you need to finish your Theoretical Knowledge Course.

Take a step back and explore our Online PPL Theory Course. The sky will be waiting for you!

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flight training

Now that you have finished your Theoretical Knowledge Course, next step is - Learn how to fly!

You can choose your preffered location in Croatia to continue your PPL training.

If you want to do your Flight training in other countires, we will connect you to our international partner schools.

PPL school croatia

Flight Training

Your Flight Training Course consists of 45 hours of flight time of which:

  • Minimum 25 hours dual time with instructor;

  • Minimum 10 hours solo flight time of which:

  • 5 hours of solo Cross-Country flight time and

  • 1 solo cross-country flight of no less than 150NM route.

Learn more on about how to become a pilot by clicking the button bellow.

flight schools in croatia
pilot school in croatia

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